Friday, June 27, 2008

Coming Home Series

I will be starting a series entitled Coming Home, within the next week or two. I have started the series and am praying over how God would have me tell my story.

The intent of this site is to help women working full-time outside their homes, to learn frugal tips and skills to enable them to return to their positions of Keeper at Home. Through Gods grace and lots of reading and the learning of new frugal skills, I have come home full-time. I also have an absolutely wonderful husband who has allowed me the privilege to keep his home and rear our child. God was so merciful to give me such a wonderful hubby!

It is my desire to help any lady obtain her hearts desire of becoming a fulltime keeper at home. It is the worlds desire to say it can't be done, but it can and with Victory! If even one lady is encouraged it will be worth it. Let's take back our influence and claim our position as Keepers of Our Homes!!

Please stay tuned for the first posting of this weekly series. It is by His grace and for His glory that I share my story with you.

Have a blessed weekend!! Michelle

Please Note; Throughout this series I will be posting a Frugal Tip of the Day, with great money and time saving ideas!!


Mom2fur said...

This is such a sweet thing to do. I've always been lucky in that I was able to stay home. I'm a writer, so there was little need to go anywhere. I haven't written anything for a few years, but back then I did pretty well with it. My kids are pretty much grown, and I do have a part-time job (just five minutes from my house) now. But I wouldn't have missed staying home with my four for all the money on Wall Street! It is possible, but I think a lot of women can't see that. Kudos to you for helping them out! (And I bet there will be plenty to learn for all of us!)

Audra Krell said...

This will be an encouragement to many. Some don't have any idea where to start, and one tip could get them well on their way. Thanks for sharing.

Domestically Inclined said...

Amen Michelle! Or should I say Kindred Spirit? Praise God for your story and may God use it as it unfolds to encourage other women to "Come Home". Would you mind if I add your blog to my Blog roll?
PS: Thanks for the prayers!