Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Frugal Vacation

Hello again. We had a wonderful vacation. We did not make it to all destinations, but we had a wonderful time just the same. Friends in our Church own a time share. This particular couple is retired and the Lord has used them to be a blessing to our family many times. Earlier in the year this dear couple approached us regarding a vacation in the Fall at their time share. We stayed near Jimminy Peak Ski resort in Hancock, Massachusetts. It was a beautiful facility with plenty to do and see.
My husband got to play golf for the first time (He got a 59, A great score for beginners!!) and my Son and I had fun resting and relaxing. We were there for 3 nights and 4 days. We traveled into Lennox, Mass and had a fun day of sightseeing and window shopping. We found a Yankee candle outlet in Pittsfield Mass and I was able to find a very nice gift for my Aunt who let me borrow her camera, for just a few dollars.
The room we stayed in was gorgeous and also had a fully equipped kitchen! We cooked all our meals in our rooms and we ate out one night which was free after coupons we had received for being guests at our friends time share. Our whole vacation, including our trip to Old Sturbridge Village, was just under $100.00!!!!!! That amount also includes giving our friends some money toward gas for the trip (They drove):)
The trip to Old Sturbridge Village was absolutely wonderful. I love this period of time and I found the entire village fascinating. The best part was it was Home School day and we all got in for $7/each versus the regular $20.00 admission fee. This is an outside village with lots of walking and many wonderful exhibits. The weather was wonderful (Pleasantly warm and sunny) and we packed our lunch and ate on the picnic grounds.
I have pictures to post soon, providing I figure out how to upload them to my computer.
Since we have arrived home we have been very busy. We are back full swing into our Home School schedule and I have been canning like a crazy woman!! I have made peach and raspberry jam! I purchased the peaches @ .58cents a pound and I picked the raspberries. They were a little more pricey, but both jams came out great and I have a great jump on my Christmas gift giving!!!
I would like to close by praising the Lord for His goodness to my family. He is so faithful and good to us. Far better than we deserve. I believe that our frugal vacation was a gift from the Lord. He has provided not only our needs but He goes exceedingly above what we could ask or think. I am so thankful to the Lord for His blessings and I am thankful for the relationship we have with the Lord Jesus Christ!!
To God Be the Glory, Michelle
P.S. Stay tuned in the next day or two for some fun pictures, Lord willing!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Were Off Again

Good Morning Blog-sphere!! I pray all is well with you all. I know it's been a bit since I've posted. Forgive Me? Our Son had a birthday last week and we started homeschooling 9/2. It has been very busy here.
My family likes to take a homeschooling vacation each September. We try to go somewhere historical and fun. We've been to Washington, D.C., NY City, and Lancaster, Penn. At any rate were off again.
This time were starting out in Hancock, Mass. Then over to Sturbridge Village in Mass. Then were off to Gettysburg, Penn. Then final destination is to one of my favorite places, Lancaster, Penn.!!!!!!!
I've borrowed a digital camera from my Aunt(Thanks, Aunt Dee) and hopefully I will have lots of pictures for you all. At this point you may be thinking, I thought this lady was frugal? I can't wait to share with you how God opened some doors so that we could have this very cool vacation!
My boys just arrived home from getting cheap $10.00 hair cuts. (That is a good price in this neck of the woods, average haircut for boys and men $14-20) I tried cutting their hair once and my husband said "Never Again!!" Haircutting was not a particular talent the Lord bestowed upon me. It was pretty bad! Besides with all this picture taking my boys gotta look good.
I pray you all have a great week. We are having some spectacular Fall weather here in the Northeast. Have a blessed week! Michelle

Friday, September 5, 2008

Congratulations to the Paine Family!

It's Frugal Friday over at and Crystal has a great post on surviving during times of stress. First, Congratulations to Jesse and Crystal! We in the blog sphere are praying for you. I applaud Crystal for the decision to increase their food budget for this short season, to help her, and her family endure this season of "morning sickness".

As managers of our homes and families, it is so important that we set realistic goals for not only ourselves, but our families during difficult seasons of life. To think that your husband is going to come home 5 days a week and cook meals every night, after he works all day, is probably a little unrealistic. He's stressed, your stressed, the kiddos pick up on the stress and you have just concocted a wonderful recipe for disaster!!

However careful planning and budgeting will help alleviate some of the stress. When Crystal feels well enough she will resume her normal cook from scratch schedule and by being so diligent in their budget she has allowed this "wiggle" room for a short season. See the key is in planning and preparing. It is the Wise woman who builds her home.............

We cannot prevent the trials that come to us, but with Gods grace and mercy we can endure. Jesus said in John 10:10," I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." God love us and wants us to rest in Him. May we truly learn to rest in Him. Have a blessed day! Michelle