Wednesday, June 17, 2009


As you all may have noticed I haven't been around much. On May 28th I had surgery. I knew I was having surgery for a bit, but choose not to mention it to many. I am not much on fan fare.
I praise God for the bucket load of mercy that He showed me both before, during and after my surgery. As I have noted many times afore.. My God is always in the details.
I am healing and feeling much better. While my surgery was definitely necessary (and put off for much to long,) I am so grateful that it was nothing life threatening. All reports came back A O.K.!!! At present I am kicking back (Very hard for me to do) and slowly getting back into a daily routine.
I am so very thankful to my husband and sweet son for all the help they are to me. They have cooked, cleaned and everything in between.
I am looking forward to the canning season and have all ready started planning my entry into the County Fair. Do any of you watch Andy Griffith?There is a very funny episode where Aunt Bee enters her very bad tasting pickles in the fair. It is very funny and is one of my favorite episodes. Hopefully mine won't taste bad!
I pray all my blogging friends are well. I look forward to jumping back into the swing of things shortly. Stay tuned..............
~By His Grace~

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