Thursday, November 13, 2008

K-Mart Double Coupons !

K-mart does it again! Yay:) I stopped in yesterday and here are some of the great deals I have found. I used all coupons from recent flyer's. Unfortunately I don't have exact dates that the coupons were issued. Here goes:
2-3 oz. Vaseline total moisture @ 2.29 used (2) 1.25 cpn doubled item free ( Christmas gifts)
Glade Fabric & Air @ 3.50 used 1.50 cpn doubled paid .50
I love the pet odor eliminator scent it is by far the best!
12 oz Oust @3.50 used 1.50 cpn doubled paid .50
Tylenol rapid release gels@ 4.79 used 2.00 cpn doubled paid .79
They also have Durkee spices on sale for 1.00 They are the small ones but they had many to choose from so I stocked up for holiday baking.
Celestial Seasonings Tea Purchased 2 boxes of Christmas flavors (gifts) @2.50 each had (2 )1.00 cpns doubled paid 1.00 for both boxes
Maalox 12 oz bottle @ 4.99 2.00cpn doubled paid .99 ( I prefer to get these items for free or under .50 but we were out and hubby really needs this stuff after his midnight refrigerator raids!!)
Note: Pay close attention to your receipt. I found 2 errors yesterday that I had to report to Customer Service. They were very kind and gladly refunded me my money. However if you have a really large order you might consider splitting into 2 transactions so that you can keep an eye on your calculations. Also work the deals ahead of time so you know exactly what you are paying. I probably would have not picked up on the mistakes if I hadn't all ready known what I was going to pay. Happy shopping!!
Blessings, Michelle

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