Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Blessed Nation

I have been reading about the settling of Plymouth Plantation. I have been fascinated by these books and I love this period in our Nation's history. Not only have I learned a great deal in regards to the historical events of this period, I have been humbled by the multitude of blessings God has bestowed upon our Country.

By the mercy of God I have never known one day of hunger. There has always been an abundance of food to choose from. I have always had shelter. Since my birth, I have not been without clothing.
After the first winter at Plymouth, 60 Men Women and Children remained. The reality of that first winter, was disease and death. The second year was as difficult as several more died of starvation. Many were children. As I read last evening, a Mother was of a sorrowful spirit as she wailed over the death of her smallest child. As she held the child and felt the life leave his little body, she was helpless as she handed the child over for burial. Probable cause, starvation. Yet at the time of this event she had yet another life growing within her womb. The God fearing people of Plymouth persevered and were determined to press on. Oh, that I would ever complain!

As I ponder the celebration of Thanksgiving, I am so grateful to a merciful God who has blessed this Nation beyond anything we could imagine, and this writer far more than she deserves. Perhaps He continues to bless because of the faithfulness and fortitude of our forefathers. With that thought, it makes me shiver to think what might be facing our children. Has this generation been faithful enough, for God to continue His blessing for future generations? If this Nation were to hinge on my prayers for it's healing, I would be found guilty.
While our Nation is not perfect and has many struggles, it remains the greatest Nation in the world. Would you join me in prayer for our Nation to turn from it's wicked ways, that God's people would humble themselves, and cry out for her healing? (2 Chronicles 7:14 ) It is only by Gods mercy and His grace that America has any hope.

It is easy to forget with all our modern day conveniences the very humble beginnings of this great Nation. It is often times through adversity that greatness is born. The first thanksgiving was truly a time of thanksgiving to God Almighty for the harvest that He brought forth. These 60 Men, Women and Children were filled with gratitude. My we all have hearts filled with gratitude this Thanksgiving, and give the Lord the reverence that is due Him!!!

"So they committed themselves to the will of God, and resolved to proceed." William Bradford, Governor of Plymouth Plantation

Blessings, Michelle

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