Saturday, April 11, 2009

Romantic Getaway Pics

We had a wonderful time on our getaway! This
is a rear view of the castle. From the balcony you
had a breathtaking view of Lake George.

A gorgeous view:-) The lake was nice too!
I love you sweetie!!

This is an outside stone fireplace. This is lit around
dusk. Very romantic.

A family of ducks swimming by. You can't see it
in this photo, but there was still ice on the lake.

A picture of a chandelier in the bathroom. Can you
imagine having a chandelier in your bathroom at

We were relaxing a bit in our room after dinner,
when I noticed this. For those of you who know
my husband, this is so in step with him. When I
mentioned the fact to him that his socks didn't match,
His reply? "Really these aren't the same color?"
I love sharing my life with this man.

The man of my dreams!

He is my King and I love being His Queen!!

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