Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Been Nearly 2 Weeks

Whew!! It's been nearly 2 weeks since we all last talked! Where does time fly. Right out the window if we are not careful.

Seriously, it has been insanely busy around here. The week before last we cared for our friends 3 children (dog&cat), while they were out of town for a conference. I was essentially running two homes (wouldn't reccommend that for any length of time) homeschooled 2 extra kids, and let a friend stay in our home who is going through a real struggle in His marrigage. Our friends were gone for 7 days and it was my hope that I could blog from their home. Secondary to some issues with their computer, I was never able to log on and get some blogging done.

Our friends arrived home on Friday afternoon and I went off to work a 5 hour shift at the hospital. I was also scheduled to work Saturday 5-9p. On Sunday we hosted a visiting Preacher and his family, who preached for our congregation, while our Preacher was out of town. It has always been a blessing to our family to host Men of God!

Are you tired yet? Move on to week two. A few weeks back, my boss at the hospital called with an exciting opportunity. There is some exciting new technology on the forefront of cardiac(heart) care and our hospital is going to be providing some of these services. As many of you know I left my full-time job as a nurse, in pursuit of a higher calling. That is, I decided with my husband and the Lord, to become a full-time keeper of our home. This means that my primary responsibilities are to my husband first and then my family, and all that goes into caring for a home. I still do work as a perdiem nurse on the average of 5-6 shifts a month. The Lord has blessed me with the ability to earn a very good hourly wage and be an incredible blessing to my husband. You can read about how I left my job here and

here and here .

At any rate, when my boss called and asked if I would be interested in becoming the nurse to oversee these procedures, I was thrilled. The procedures are one day a week, for 3 hours in the morning! Perfect for me-:) My husband gave the o.k. and I was off for the training. The training took place over 4 (10) hour days (last week). So there you have it. That is where I have been. I sure have missed you all.

Sure is good to be at a little more normal pace this week. I do have to share with you all, that God showed abundant mercy to me over the past 2 weeks! His mercy was truly new every morning. Things went so smoothly and we were thrilled to be a blessing to our friends. I got all that needed to be done and then some. (Except blogging, sorry) I know this post is getting long but............... This is the week my honey and I go away to our 15th wedding anniversary celebration. I plan on posting about this tomorrow and let you all in on the gorgeous, romantic ,elegant place we are going to stay. I am very excited to have this time to be all alone with my sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!!

The marriage series is shaping up and I am so excited about the Ladies who will be helping me with this. Look forward to some great blogging on the subject of marriage!!
The picture in the upper left hand corner is of the tulips popping up in our backyard. It's official,
Spring is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blessings, Michelle

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