Sunday, February 13, 2011

$3 High Value Coupon Gain Fabric Softener

There is a high value Gain Fabric softener coupon in this weeks Red Plum insert. I am reading these are priced around $2.65 at Family Dollar and Dollar General, making it free with this coupon!
These will likely go very fast:))
Frugal Tip: I often find these concentrated softeners to be to fragrant for our liking. They are usually super concentrated as well. I water mine down. Usually 1/2 water to 1/2 bottle of softener. If this is to dilute for your liking, just experiment with what works for you. I have not found the 1/2 concentration to be any problem for us, and one bottle goes twice as far!!!!
Update: I made a quick trip to Family Dollar this morning. I did find the $2.65 Gains. These were the 23 load. I found the larger 60 load for $4.50 To me this was a much better value. After the $3 cpn I paid $1.50/each. I was able to buy 3 51 fl oz bottles for the price of one. After diluting (see above frugal tip) I will get close to 240 loads!!!!!

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