Friday, October 23, 2009

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

What a great shopping trip I had tonight! It has been some time since I have experienced such a great trip. This picture truly does not do my trip justice. Behind the brownies are many cleaning supplies that I really needed. Windex, Clorox clean-up and 409 just to name a few. I also scored three bags of Tyson Chicken for $3 each. These are the Family size so that will be 3 seperate meals. 6 boxes of Ziploc bags. Behind the 2 Orange Crush sodas are (4) 8 packs of Poland Spring aqua pod waters that I got absolutely free! They were clearanced at the Price Chopper in Granville for $1 and I had $1 cpn off two. Remember PC doubles cpns up to $1, so I got them for free!! I also got ( 6) 6 packs of yogurt FREE! 2 Boxes of Pillsbury brownie bites for $1 each. 2 Scope Mouth wash $1.50 each. The Grand Total for the above picture was $65.00! Between cpns and my advantage card I saved $112.00. Not bad for 2 hours worth of work! I also earned another 10 cents off my next gas purchase with Price Choppers gas reward program.
2 days ago my husband filled our car for .40cents off per gallon from my previous gas rewards that I had accumulated. The gas rewards program has been added savings because Price Chopper is always where I do the bulk of my shopping.
Tomorrow I am going to Walmart for some of the deals that were posted on moneysaving mom. You can read that here.
Our Church has been in Missions Conference all week and We hosted the Guin Family to Israel. It was a long week but what a blessing! I encourage you to read of the Guin Family here. It is such a privilege to serve some of Gods choicest servants.... Missionaries. This was a delightful family and we had a wonderful time .
I am glad to have my grocery shopping done and behind me for this week. What a savings. God is so good!


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