Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Todays Frugal Tip

I happen to have a Son who loves juice. We drink water, but if there is juice in the fridge that's His first choice. So in an attempt to save money, I started watering down the juice. It has been well over a year now and He has never mentioned it one time. In fact I am sure He is unaware. (Lets hope He doesn't read this post)

At first I only replaced about 1/4 of the juice with water. Then I progressed from there. (sneaky of me wasn't it:) Now when I purchase juice which is usually 1-2 bottles every week, I place 1/2 of the bottle of juice in a pitcher and fill with water. Then I take the bottle which is half full of juice and fill that with water. So I have doubled the amount!

Also there are a lot of calories in most juices and this also reduces the amount of calories consumed. I almost always only purchase juice if I have a coupon. I have on a rare occasions purchased juice if it is an incredible deal. If there are no coupons, no juice. Since this is a favorite of my Son's I try and score great deals when I see them!

I shared this tip with my girlfriend Wanda, whose son is also an avid juice drinker. At first she was quite skeptical but I urged her to try it. She did and her son has never noticed a difference!Hopefully these kids don't start reading this blog or were busted!!

Have a blessed day! Michelle

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