Thursday, July 3, 2008

Todays Frugal Tip

Cold Water Wash. I know this has been discussed at length in the blogsphere, and for some has not worked out so well. However for me, it has worked fine and saved my family a ton of money. The two things I do that I believe make a difference are; #1 I pretreat with a name brand spot remover. Shout or Spray-n-Wash. Those are the two I use the most. I always buy it when it is on sale, and of course with a coupon! I usually pay no more than .50-.75 cents a bottle. #2.I use a name brand laundry detergent. I have tried the lesser expensive brands and found that they do not work well for me in cold water washing. Now, you might be saying. brand name is to expensive. My reply, not so if bought on sale and with a coupon!! I have made a rule for myself that my limit to pay for laundry detergent is no more than $2.00/bottle. The brands that I use are; Whisk, All, & Cheer. I have found that Tide, even on sale and with a coupon is to pricey for me. I really do like Tide and have used it in the past. but at this point it is not in my budget? Today, I would love to hear from you all with any great cold water washing tips. As always, have a blessed day! Michelle

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