Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Todays Frugal Tip

O.K. remember the watering down of the juice tip, while here it is........... I do the same thing with my fabric softener. I find fabric softener very concentrated and well not cheap. During the summer I use my clothes line and the clothes are quite stiff without it. During the winter I do use my dryer some and my drying rack, but we have a lot of static cling without the softener. So to make it last longer I did the same thing as with the juice. At first I took out just about 1/4 of the softener. Then I kept adjusting the amount. Now I dump out half into a bottle I saved and fill that with water as well as the remaining bottle with water. TaDa....... 2 bottles of fabric softener for the price of one. Bought with a coupon of course, on sale. Pennies per load. Praise the Lord!!
Have a blessed day! Michelle

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