Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Todays Frugal Tip

I absolutely love my Swifter. However the replacement pads are expensive, even with coupons. I have on occasion, splurged and gotten them on sale with a coupon. We have hard wood floors in our home and dust bunnies multiply like mice around here. So frugal tip #1. If you are using the swifter dust cloths, use one side and then when completely used, turn over and use the other side! I have easily gotten over 2 months use out of one cloth doing this. Frugal tip #2. If you are to frugal to buy them even on sale and with a coupon(which is where I am at now) use a rag. I use old wash cloths. They fit perfect. I use one side, shake off the little critters, turn it over and use the other side. When I have 2-3 to wash, I wash them and put them on my drying rack:)

Sometimes when I'm chasing those little bunnies under the bed, I will spray the rag with a little pledge and that works even better!!

Have a blessed day! Michelle

P.S. Stay tuned for week 2 in the Coming Home series!

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