Friday, August 29, 2008

Making Your Own Vacuum Sealed Freezer Bags

It is Frugal Friday over at and I have to share a great money saving tip for you today. Our home school group went Blueberry picking on Wed and I was preparing the berries for freezing. I am also making homemade blueberry jam for the first time later today. I will keep you posted how it all turns out! At any rate, I was reading that fruit freezes better in a vacuum sealed bag. I did have a coupon for the new Zip lock Vacuum Sealer but it had expired. Figures, they were on sale this week at Price Chopper.

I couldn't squeeze that into my grocery budget this week, and I had read, Are you ready for this...........

Stick a straw in the end of the bag, and suck the air out, bend the straw so as not to let more air in, and continue the process until all the air is removed! It worked like a charm:) and the cost was almost nonexistent. How much does 1 straw cost in a pack of 50? Less than I care to calculate. I was so excited that it worked. I got all the blueberries bagged and in my freezer and the vacuum seal didn't even cost me a dime. Praise the Lord!!

Have a blessed day Michelle


Brooke said...

very creative! makes me feel foolish for not thinking of it myself

Domestically Inclined said...