Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We are settling In

Things are finally starting to get back to normal around here. This past weekend I blessed our house (Yep, I cleaned it) and splurged on a new fall scented candle! It was so cozy around here! Here in upstate NY we are having some cool temperatures and I have noticed many of the trees changing color. Hard to believe but Fall is coming soon. I love fall, really I do. I am just not sure if I am ready for it in August:)

The cooler temperatures have definitely started me thinking on planning out my Christmas gifts this year. I am going to be making table runners for friends and family so I need to get planning. JoAnn's Fabric has been having some great coupons deals and I plan on a shopping trip early next week to select some special Christmas fabric. Only 128 days until Christmas!

How ya all doing with my frugal tip of planning and preparing for Christmas in July. I hope you are all squirrelling away a little money here and there, and picking up gifts now for what you know is coming in December!! Plan, plan, plan!!!!!

I plan on making pickles next week (first time) and am excited about my first canning lesson. My grandmother canned everything but the kitchen sink. I have fond memories of my sister and I going down to the "root cellar" and picking the evening meal vegetable from rows and rows of canned jars that my grandmother worked so hard to prepare. I remember the big pot (pressure cooker) on the stove and her house being filled with wonderful aromas of something. My grandmother died when I was twelve so that memory is from sometime before then and it is very vivid in my mind till this day. I hope I make you proud gram.

We are gearing up for school and looking forward to our first home school trip, August 27th. We are going blueberry picking!! We are all wearing blue shirts and packing a picnic lunch. Our family picked a little earlier this year and the blueberries were as big as grapes. I am looking forward to a fruitful day of picking and plan on freezing the majority of what we pick!

I pray you are all doing well and look forward to continuing with the "Coming Home Series" in the next week. Have a blessed night! Michelle

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Kathy and Rebecca said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for this post! What a great Idea to make table runners as gifts this year. I am looking for something that my daughters and I could do that would make really special gifts this is a great idea!
As for canning I have tried my hand at it a little. I have made pickles (my house did not smell to good!) I have made sauce, and homemade strawberry jam! (so good!)
Sadly I never really was able to know my grandmothers very well they lived in Canada so I did not get to spend as much time with them as I would have liked. My daughter and I love things from the past! We also love history. Thanks for walking down memory lane with us!
Also thanks so much for adding our link to your blog! That is so sweet of you. I look forward to coming to your blog again! May God Bless, Kathy