Friday, August 15, 2008

Were Home

Hello out there!!! We arrived home late Friday evening from Teen camp! Praise the Lord for His safety and travel mercies. We had a great week at camp and heard some red hot preaching from Evangelist Kevin Walker.

There were over 300 teens that attended this week of camp and the facilities were busting at the seams. Our teens did very well, with many decisions made for the Lord. One of the Teens in our group won the Servants Heart Award and our son won an MVP award for football. We had several Teens in our group pass the Bible Quiz. All in all it was a fruitful week at camp.

However the Lord worked differently in my heart at camp this year. This is the fifth year that my Husband and I have attended camp as counselors. In the previous years of camp the Lord had used the preaching of His word to grow my own walk with Him. I grew in knowledge and understanding, and my cup truly was running over from the Spiritual blessings at camp.

This year the Lord burdened my heart. It was as if this year the Lord said it is time I use this time for you in a new way. I believe I wasn't spiritually ready for these burdens prior to this time. For God His way is perfect. I came home burdened in 3 specific areas.

1. I am more burdened for a lost and dying world. I have purposed to
become a better soul winner. He that winneth souls is wise. Proverbs 11:30

2. I am more burdened for the Teens of our Country. We are losing Christian
Teens to the world in record numbers. I am specifically burdened for the Teens
in our Youth group.

3. I am more burdened to make intercession for our Teens and pray for them
daily and by specific need in their lives. The Teens in our youth group need our
prayers. That may be the most important thing I can do for them. 1 Timothy 2:1

There is a real adversary out there who is roaming about seeking whom he may devour.(1Peter5:7) Folks we are engaged in a real spiritual warfare for our Country's youth. (Ephesians6: 10-12) I realize that this post may be a tad bit heavy and not at all to do with frugal living, but I am first and foremost a Christian. My relationship with the Lord is the number one priority in my life. You might ask, what about your husband and child? If my relationship with the Lord is first and right, then all other relationships in my life will be o.k. Don't misunderstand me, they won't be perfect. They will be how the Lord has chosen them to be for me. I have had seasons in my life when my relationships were difficult. We as women carry many relationship roles, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, church member etc....... yet when I was having the most difficulty, I was also struggling with my walk with the Lord. I am so thankful His mercy is renewed every morning. Great is Thy Faithfulness!!!!!!!!

On a lighter note: I went grocery shopping yesterday (the first time in 3 weeks) and did awesome. My subtotal was $210.28, after advantage card and coupons(which are doubled up to $1)I paid $74.79!!! A total savings of $139.77 Actually a little more since I have a $5.00 rebate to send in for Pert shampoo. Praise the Lord!!

I am looking forward to regular blogging and some great frugal tips. Also stay tuned for some great fall recipes. I pray you are all having a fun, safe and frugal summer!!!! Michelle

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