Thursday, February 5, 2009

After a Looooooooong Hiatus

O.K. So you've all probably figured out that I am the world's worst blogger! There, I admit it. I even have thought about not blogging at all anymore. However, I still have a few faithful readers. Thank you for you kind comments recently.
I plan to start blogging much more regularly with the same content as before. It is still my desire to help influence and inspire any women who has a desire to become a Godly "Keeper at Home."
I would like to resume my frugal tips and will be posting them at least weekly. I would like to say daily, but I know me to well.
Things have been going very well at our home. The holidays were wonderful but very busy. We try to limit outside engagements at the holidays, but with family to see on both sides, well you all know the rest of the story.
Couponing is going well. I even took several weeks off in December. Praise the Lord for my pantry:)
My family is enjoying the fruits of my canning and freezing skills that I acquired this past fall. We have enjoyed my homemade bread and butter pickles(we are down to our last jar) and the yummy peach, blueberry and raspberry jams that I made. I was even able to give some away as Christmas gifts!
We have family that have offered to let us put a garden on their property this summer. We are in the midst of planning right now. It has been fun to think of spring and has helped ward off some cabin fever (at least for me). It has been a looong snowy winter here and I am ready for SPRING!!! Our family is not very far from our home and they are right on the way to my Husband's car pool stop. We have agreed to split the proceeds of the harvest with them in exchange for the land. We have attempted a garden here 3 times very unsuccessfully. We have very little sun and lots of pine trees. At any rate we are very excited about our upcoming spring planting.
It has also become a good home school project as we have been checking out books on gardening from our local library. We have also been reading and studying life in Pioneer times. If they could do it so can we!!
I pray you all have been well and that your holidays were filled with the love of God. I hope you were able to spend precious time with loved ones and friends.
I am looking forward to getting acquainted again.
Blessings, Michelle

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, I finally figured out what was wrong with the address!!! just in time for your first blog of the new year. Enjoyed it. Miss Marge