Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Marked Down Produce At Price Chopper

I fell into a GREAT deal today at Price Chopper. For my local readers, the price Chopper on Dix Avenue, frequently has a marked down produce cart located somewhere in the produce section. It is usually hit or miss for me, and I am not sure what time of day it is filled, but I have gotten some great deals. I had a &5 off your next purchase coupon, from my last shopping trip, that was soon to expire. We are going out of town so I wanted to use the coupon and get the best bang for my buck so to speak. I thought of the produce cart and swung by today while I was out running errands. There happened to be another gentlemen at the cart and we were both astonished at the wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables that were available. I couldn't find any spots or bumps on anything that I purchased!

I got approx 3lbs of seedless green grapes for $1.05, a 5 pack of beautiful oranges for .92, a 6 0z container of blueberries for .26, a 3 pack of cucumbers for .52, 3 packages of all different kinds of apples for $2.13 (a total of 17 apples) a package of 6 tomatoes for .60 and I did purchase 2 peaches at regular sale price of .98cents a pound for .73 cents. The grand total was $6.49 and after my $5.00 cpn I paid $1.49 Praise the Lord!!! We should be set for fresh fruit for a while:::::)

Blessings, Michelle

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