Monday, February 9, 2009

Hidden Deal @ CVS on Cotton Rounds

It is being reported that the CVS cotton rounds(probably found in the beauty aisle with the cotton balls) are printing ECB's when you purchase 2. They are reported as ringing up for .98 each. So you purchase 2 for $1.98 and receive $2 ECB's back .02 profit!! The upc code on this is 050428086193. Thanks to for the tip!!

Frugal Tip: Maybe you yourself don't use this type of product. However now is a great time to start your Christmas shopping for next year! Yes right now. Sit down and make a brief list of the people you wish to purchase gifts for. These would be lovely in a gift basket full of beauty supplies (found at very good prices on sale or better yet FREE!) It is not to late to start purchasing gifts for next year! I've already purchased three gifts and I haven't even spent $10.00!!!

*****Other holidays to consider are Birthdays, Valentines day or Mothers day!! Most women love receiving this type of gift:)*****

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