Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Frugal Valentine Date Night/Guest Post

Guest Post by Teya

Hello, friends! I am thrilled about this opportunity to share with you something very near and dear to my heart: making my husband feel special...on a budget! :-) It's about spending more of yourself than money!

This past year, under the sovereign discretion of our Lord, my husband and I faced what seemed to be a few more valleys than mountain tops. So, as Valentine's Day was approaching I remember thinking to myself that this would be a wonderful opportunity to spoil him, make him feel special, encourage him, and reaffirm my total love, adoration and commitment to him. My only dilemma: I had more ideas than money!

I specifically asked the Holy Spirit for wisdom to accomplish my goal on very few dollars (literally!). James 1:5-6 assures me that I can ask my heavenly Father for wisdom about anything, and when I ask in faith, He will answer. And that He did!!

The following is a list of ideas I used for Valentine's Day and how much each cost:

1. Christmas Lights - $0
I dug out of storage several strands of icicle lights and hung them around my bedroom. Our room is fairly new and knowing my husband would not appreciate staple gun holes in our drywall, I simply strung the lights over the dresser, along the curtain rods, around the bedposts, etc. What a beautiful, calming, and romantic ambiance this lighting created!

2. Poster Board Heart - $0 (See picture at top)
Awhile ago, we were given a stack of brown card boards, a bit larger than white poster board. I cut out a large heart, giving it a thick black outline all around its perimeter. I used my kids' Crayola paint to paint the heart red. When it was dry, I used white Crayola paint and a pencil eraser to put white polka dots all over it. I taped it to my bedroom wall, and it was pretty!

3. Made the room clean and clutter-free - $0
I did not have time to remove all the clutter I had gathered here and there. So, I consolidated the clutter to one area (unnoticed upon first entering the room). I made the bed look luxurious by taking decorative pillows from my couches and putting pillow cases on them to match our bedroom. When I was finished, I had 8-10 color-coordinated pillows on our bed looking ever-so-cozy!

4. Silk Rose Petals - $1.07 red ones, $1.07 white ones - dollar store.
I "sprinkled" a few of each color on our cozy, pretty bed.

5. Small Gift - $2.86
I purchased my husband's favorite chocolates at Wal*Mart and reused a red gift bag and tissue paper I already had. I placed it among the rose petals on the bed.

6. Freezer Pizza - $0
This cost zero extra dollars as it was already in the freezer from a previous grocery trip. What made our freezer pizza oh-so-special? I served it in bed on a tray covered with a pretty cloth, on fancy plates.

7. Sparkling Grape Juice (non-alcoholic) - $2.68
I did not have ultra-pretty glasses, but I served it nice and cold with a smile and a wink, and I don't think he noticed the glasses! :-)

8. Mentally Prepared - $0
I was mentally prepared, looking forward to giving to him with no agenda of receiving anything myself. I really wanted him to have a night of no pressure. I wanted him to feel as relaxed as if we had gone away to our favorite bed and breakfast. I was able to create that atmosphere with my spirit. I wanted him to feel like a king, and guess what...he treated me like his queen!

The total cost of my Valentine gift to my husband: $7.68 (all taxes included)

The closeness we shared and the benefit to our marriage: $$ PRICELESS $$

Teya is a Wife and Homeschooling Mother to 4 precious children. She is also a helpmeet to her Husband who is a Pastor in upstate NY.

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